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Vicky and Mark
Hello readers.

After I finished university in 2003 I worked with Matthew for a year at Capita, which I never really liked. Happily now I have a nice new job working in an adult education department in Canterbury. I also work at Christ Church University College where I used to study. I am a Student Support Assistant, which basically means that I take notes for and generally assist disabled students with their studies. I really like both of my jobs, which is nice.

I'm still going out with my lovely boyfriend Mark. In case you haven't had the pleasure of meeting him here is a picture of us at Jackie and Justin's wedding.

Aren't we gorgeous?

We bought a house together in June 05. All is going well and we’re both very happy.

Mark works (as little as possible) at BAE Systems as a Software Engineer. He studied this for two years at what he lovingly refers to as a clown college. In between years at college he worked at BAE Systems as a trainee for a year and they then took him back after he qualified.

Mark is a Tottenham fan and really enjoys both playing and watching football. He is very keen on many sporting activities but does not do as much now as he would like. When he is not working or playing/watching football he is always listening to music, to say he has a rather unique taste is an understatement, although he firmly believes that everyone else is strange, obviously. His other favourite pastimes include watching films and the geeky hobby of playing video games. When he has any other time left he spends it with me, I am trying to persuade him to find more hobbies so I don t have to spend so much time with him but I just can't shake him, I'll keep trying though!

PS Mark wrote those last two paragraphs himself. I would never be so mean - obviously.

PPS That's a lie…

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