The Partis Family

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Matthew and Sarah

In May 2004, Sarah and I went on holiday to Tenerife with our friends Alan and Sam, and this photo was taken from our apartment balcony. The pool was as inviting as it looked.

The Hoff at last!

In 2006, I took Sarah to the Bluewater Shopping Centre branch of Waterstones, to see The Hoff at a book signing. We were both able to actually meet our (well, my) childhood hero and international star of Knight Rider and Baywatch, David Hasselhoff. As he posed for this quick picture, he gave me the thumbs up and said “Hey!” before signing my book.

Whistling Dixie

April 2006: Sarah and I traveled to America for 12 days in Florida. While at Discovery Cove I was able to make friends with this cute little dolphin, Dixie, and just after this picture was taken she took me for a swim.

Back to the future

While in Florida, we also visited the Universal Studios theme park, and spotted the famous time traveling Delorian outside the Back to the Future ride. I could not help posing for this picture.


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