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Jackie and Justin


Jackie graduated at Canterbury Cathedral in January with mum, dad and Justin there cheering her on.  The ceremony was very long (!) and it was a bitterly cold day but everyone was relieved Jackie's three long years of study were officially over!
   Di, Jackie, Emma and Kay (BA Hons, QTS)          Jackie and Justin looking cold in the dark!
Despite her parents' reluctance to appear in any pictures whatsoever, Justin took some lovely pictures of Jackie and her newly qualified teacherly friends:
                                                                      This was taken in the Cathedral grounds and is
                                                                                              only a little bit MacBeth!





Jackie is loving working with her year four class who keep her very busy indeedy. 


We recently celebrated World Book Day with a dressing up day when they all had to attend school dressed as their future selves, doing the job they hope to have when they grow up. 


Jackie was delighted by their ambition with, amongst others, future surgeons, Olympians, a train owner/driver, bank managers, vets, sports promoters(!) and a solicitor all arriving for school that day.




Following Justin's rally driving day last year, he has been on more adventures this year.
Justin's rally driving day
Justin turned 30 back on the 22nd October 2008.  As a present from mum, Eileen, dad, Malcolm, and sister, Becky, he received a 60 minute flying lesson at Red Hill Aerodrome with Red Hill Sport Flyers.  He flew an Ikarus C42, pictured above.  Justin took his flying lesson on the 21st March 2009 and the photos and video clips can be seen by clicking on the links below.
Flying Lesson Photos and Video Clips
Justin's birthday party
Justin shares his birthday week with friends Jamie and Andy so the boys had a joint party last October to celebrate their 30th birthdays. 
The boys got to dress up as Ghostbusters and a good time was had by all.
                  Jamie, Jackie and Justin                                           Justin and Becky
Sarah, Matthew, Justin, Jackie, Mark and Vicky (below)

Radio One Big Weekend
Jackie and Vicky spent a very enjoyable day at the One Big Weekend concert in Maidstone in May 2008 (special thanks to Becky for the tickets).  Their stupidly happy smiles in every single one of the photos show how much fun they had! 


We saw Madonna...   ... and Aled!

And of course found time for a bit of catalogue posing.






In cat news, Bobby and Benny are now firm friends (see right!) and can often be found cuddled up together discussing the important cat issues of the day or washing one another's ears.


Left:  Bobby enjoys the cat video. The bit with the canaries is his particular favourite part.





Frankie                         Benny                              Bobby

We haven't been on holiday yet this year (that will have to wait until the school holidays!) so you can still see our Rome holiday photos here:   
Pictures we took in Rome






As ever, Justin has been very busy keeping the garden looking lovely (with a little help from Jackie and even less help from Benny).


Hopefully, the apple, raspberry and strawberry harvest this year will be a little more impressive than last year! 






             Us in the rain at Alton Towers...... and looking slightly more presentable.


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