The Partis Family

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Ruth wins prize in poetry competition

Matthew with Nanna Partis




Nanna Sculpher looking at web site with Jackie and Justin

Ruth and Owl 


Christian and Kelly's Wedding

Mrs Partis, Mrs Sculpher, Mrs Sands, Mr Sands, and Mrs Johnson!

Allen and Kelly's Wedding

Family photo at Jackie and Justin's wedding



Justin and Jackie at Halloween Party


Jackie and Justin at Vicky's birthday dinner 



Geoff and Ruth Wedding

Matthew and Sarah



Geoff and Ruth Wedding Group

 The Camper Van

KT the cat as a kitten.


Jackie and Justin's house


Mrs Monkey 

Mrs Monkey

Liverpool-supporter Justin at a work conference!

The Arsenal stadium (the conference venue!)

Alfie as a kitten.



Views of Wales 2007

Alfie and Chino as kittens.


The Sheppey Crossing - taken  while still being built

Closed already?  Surly not!!

(Actually taken before it opened)


Emma, Jackie, Di and Kay celebrating...


...and with Paul, all working hard for their course...


...and on their last day at uni.