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The Cats
The Cats
We are still missing Basil but there are not many cats as wonderful as him and we were lucky to have him as long as we did.

RT has finally grown up and turned into a fairly sensible cat. He is still a bit of a scardy cat and cries if left alone in the dark or if we don’t go to bed when he’s ready.

KT is a bit aloof but has been greatly improved by the arrival of...
Chino and Alfie, brothers – see the pictures to see how cute they are. Chino has the looks of a very expensive pedigree cat but don’t be fooled – he’s just a moggie who’s mother was a stray – although she may have met a posh cat one foggy night... These pictures were taken when they were small but trust me they have grown and grown!!!


Alfie and Chino: They love making mess and causing trouble!

Chino                                                          Chino and Alfie

Alfie and Chino                                                  Alfie

More pictures of Alfie and Chino can be seen in the Gallery.

RT: Loves mushrooms, tight spots and especially fellow striped cat Aflie!



KT: Loves cakes, shreddies and anything else she can get to eat!


Past Pets


Nutmeg was our tortoiseshell and white cat who passed away in 2003. She was the daughter of Minty, and had lived with us since she was a little kitten. Although she sometimes had a reputation for being grumpy, she still was a very loving and most beautiful cat who will always be sadly missed.

Sandy and Danny




The most missed of all our pets, a gentle and loving cat who can never be replaced and will never be forgotten.


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